Nov 29, 2009

Eternity Competition

Eternity is having a competition, hoping to get an extraordinary graphic designer to the E team, permanently. The main job description is drawing clothes, therefore the position is graphic designer.

The hopeful and talented graphic designers should draw these three items in the pictures, under these conditions;
1. All of these items must be drawn, and just to clear it up; there should be three different files, so NOT all of these items in one
2. The size of them should be same as in the pictures, so CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO SEE THE REAL SIZE
3. Graphics should be saved in JPEG formats, but in the future PSD
4. You must have Skype, and the graphics should be sent to Mary's Skype, which is
5. The graphics must be sent within a week, however, you get extra points if you send them earlier

So get ready to mesmerize the E team, and show your talents to Stardoll!

All credit to: Haus of Sin

So, are you in? (:
I'm not sure... I'm very busy with school... but maybe, if I have time, I will do it (:


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