Jan 6, 2010

New design

Hey! :) I'm here again ^^ Did you miss me? lol
Look this design :]

I draw the "outfit", not the body. And I did the hair and makeup :)
The body is from Pearls & Pigeon, from a comp.
What do you think? :) Do you like it?
Comment, please (:


P.D: Please, to the person who wants a header or a banner, be patience!!! It isn't easy and I need time, and I went on holiday, so i didn't do anything. Sorry.


  1. Hello Fati
    IT is Sweet.KItty here
    i really love your graphics
    and i was wondering could you make a cover for Floweer magazine, maybe for 20 sd?

    x x x Ana

  2. hello:)
    how did you create this graphic?